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Dr. Pickering speaks and trains on a range of leadership and development topics. She also can design a workshop for your needs. Workshop samples:

  • Leading & Teaming by Your Ennea-Type
  • The Enneagram, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and You
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Resilience for the Workplace
  • Healthy Leaders: Healthy Workplace
  • Leading a High Reliability Team
  • Healthy Leaders: Healthy Workplace

Dr. Pickering has a unique way of presenting complex psychological information, while engaging her listeners. 

Dr. Pickering enabled students to better understand themselves, as well as others.  Understanding is knowledge.  Now, these students may use this information to become positive catalysts in their own circle of friends and family.  

Excellent first session, Dr. Pickering.

Angela S -Youth Leadership Steering Committee Member