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Team Expedition

Is your team ready to trek higher?

Teaming well is the future! While individual leadership development is important, our complex always-changing reality needs teams ready to trek

  • Higher
  • High Psychological Safety
  • Interpersonally Savvy
  • Growth Geared
  • Healthy
  • Emotionally Intelligent
  • Resilient & VUCA Ready

Utilizing research-based assessment and methods, we design a
TEAM TREK to take you HIGHER together!

Options include:

Assessment, On-Site, Off-Site,  Team Coaching

Professional Expedition

The Enneagram is a fantastic tool for personal leadership development or career exploration or transition. Emerging and experienced leaders all benefit tremendously from focused objective insight related to navigating interpersonal dynamics, reminders of strengths to capitalize and potential blind spots overlooked in the high stress day to day.

Personal Expeditions










Specifically focusing on the insights of the Enneagram, we lead individuals, couples, and families through personalized relationship FLOURISH sessions ranging from hours to days.

Whether your relationship is due for a tune-up, you are struggling to connect, are in life stage or career transition, or want to G  R  O  W in your closest relationships, the ENNEAGRAM EXPEDITION  provides clarity, connections and take-aways for maximizing your relationships! 

Click below to download the pdf for Expedition