I have helped many people in many places on many paths towards their personalized deeper and higher best…  in their work, relationships, personal growth, leadership, effectiveness and performance. I coach with genuine, focused commitment to your vision resulting in clarity of direction, self confidence, enhanced sense of personal meaning and purpose.

For many, this is akin to offloading unnecessary items in your pack -items that could be useful to someone, may have been useful to you on a particular trail section but are no longer helpful or needed for this stage of your climb!

I’m a licensed psychologist and board certified coach- this combination is a win for my clients! While coaching is not therapy, there is much overlap and my training and expertise are vital to clarify the most effective approach for your needs. And my expertise in motivation, emotional agility, healthy thinking, growth and development, resilience, leadership and individual and organizational well-being combined with personal and professional experience across industries, continents and populations means, as one client said, “You’re the whole package!”  You can read more details of my qualifications here but the bottom line is this:

It as an honor to climb with those who know that going higher means going deeper…

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